Betz Elementary 12.3.10

Empower - Improve - Encourage

Welcome to the Betz Elementary PTA

Join us on our journey, become a PTA member today! With your support, we will work toward fulfilling the PTA mission of being a powerful voice for children; providing a relevant resource for families, schools, and communities; and serving as advocates for the well-being and education of all children. We are eager to get started!

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THANK YOU to our community!

Our PTA is incredibly grateful and thankful to all of our volunteers, families, organizations, along with the dedicated staff and administration, throughout the school year, for supporting our mission. We have all been going through a lot during the last year+.  We appreciate you sticking with us and working for the good of all of our children!  We look forward to continuing to grow and work together through 2021 and into 2022.


Facebook group:  Betz Elementary PTA 

Current Betz parents and PTA members can join the Betz Elementary PTA group on Facebook to keep up to date on meetings and activities!


 Washington State PTA

Joining our local PTA also makes you a member of the Washington State PTA (WSPTA), the oldest and largest advocacy organization in the state working to help every child succeed. As a thank you for this support, WSPTA offers a number of benefits and discounts for its members. You will receive the credentials to access this information after your registration for our local PTA.